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By: Casey | October 18, 2017

Some of the features that increase property values are obvious-like a remodeled bathroom, 

a modern kitchen, or a sought-after neighborhood. But here are a few features and 

circumstances you may not have realized can affect property values.

  1. The neighbors: Not every neighborhood or community has an HOA that can keep the neighbors from going overboard with decorations or neglecting to care for their home. Homes adjacent to crazy neighbors can potentially be undervalued.
  2. Trendy groceries and coffee: Recent statistics suggest that if your home is a short walk from popular grocery stores like Whole Foods or coffee chains like Starbucks, it can actually appreciate faster than the national average.
  3. Mature trees: A big beautiful tree ...

By: Casey | October 12, 2017

The kitchen is one area of the home that sees the most wear and tear. All the water, heat, and food spills add up quickly so it’s important to focus on quality and lasting appeal when you’re choosing materials for a kitchen remodel. Here are a few things you should avoid:

    Cheap Laminate Countertops: The bottom rung of laminate is extremely     susceptible to wear and tear. It can melt if you forget to place a hot pad under a     pan that’s fresh out of the oven and the edges can chip off from repeated exposure     to moisture and heat.

    Flat Paint: A flat or matte finish is great in rooms with lower traffic, but it’s a bad ...

By: Casey | January 06, 2017

January 6, 2017

There’s no more important time to work on your credit score than when you’re about to apply for a mortgage. Improving your credit can save you a ton of money—we’re talking about thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. Here are the actions you can take that will have a notable impact on your score.

Pay down your credit card balances Credit utilization is one of the biggest factors in determining your credit score. Your credit utilization should at least be less than 30 percent of your limit, and it’s even better if you can get it below 15 percent. This rule applies to both individual cards and your overall credit limit.

It may even be worthwhile to use some of the cash funds you were planning to use for a down payment to...